The World Mindsports Federation is an entity designed to provide a unified governing framework for SCRABBLE, Chess and Go. Overseen by a board of Trustees, each Mindsport will have a designated committee to ensure standards are maintained.



SCRABBLE is a word game in which two to four players score points by forming words from individual lettered tiles on a game board marked with a 15×15 grid. The words are formed across and down in crossword fashion and must appear in the agreed dictionary.


Believed to have originated in ancient India, chess made its way to Persia in the 6th century. By the year 1000 it had spread throughout Europe.


Go is a two-player strategy game originating in China, and was believed to have been invented about 2500 years ago. It is known for being the oldest game still being played today in its original form.

While the rules of Go are quite simple, the game itself is quite complex, more so than chess, with more permutations than the total number of atoms in the visible universe.

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The World Mindsports Federation (WMSF) works to promote all of the positive aspects behind intellectual sports such as SCRABBLE®, chess and go, helping to increase the popularity of these games with new players. Donate today and help us support the development of mindsports in schools and communities across the globe.

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Hasbro Gaming Championships

Hasbro Gaming Championships

When: April 21 – 23 2017 Where: Gillette Stadium, Foxborough, MA, United States This 3-day event includes the prestigious North American School SCRABBLE Championships and a fun-filled HASBRO Game Night. The format includes more rounds of SCRABBLE and a new 3 division...

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