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The World Mindsports Federation is directed by a collection of Industry specialists and professionals from the perspective of managing the industry as well as competitively being involved with the games. The founding company was Mindsports International who felt that to take the evolution of competitive Mindsports and the Mindsports Festival format (which they had created on a large scale) further there needed to be a body formed which created an essence of governance, best practice and ethics to the Mindsports community.

Federation Ethics

Any party endorsed by the World Mindsports Federation needs to adhere to the international code of ethics as put together by the Federation’s carefully selected board.

The World Mindsports Federation is committed to excellence in all areas that it serves and works to the core values as set out below:
High Standards: We continue to advance Mindsports and its Community

Progressive: We are strategic and forward focused

Market Led: We remain dynamic and relevant

Inclusive: We value and appreciate our diverse community

Educational: We champion excellence and learning

Responsive: We meet our commitments

Collaborative: We make a collective difference

Give your

Helping hands
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The World Mindsports Federation (WMSF) works to promote all of the positive aspects behind intellectual sports such as SCRABBLE, chess and go, helping to increase the popularity of these games with new players. Donate today and help us support the development of mindsports in schools and communities across the globe.

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Hasbro Gaming Championships

Hasbro Gaming Championships

When: April 21 – 23 2017 Where: Gillette Stadium, Foxborough, MA, United States This 3-day event includes the prestigious North American School SCRABBLE Championships and a fun-filled HASBRO Game Night. The format includes more rounds of SCRABBLE and a new 3 division...

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