Magic: The Gathering

MagicMagic: The Gathering was created as the first trading card game and there are now approximately 12 million players who participate across the World.  Magic can be played by 2 or more players each using a deck of printed cards or a deck of virtual cards through internet-based online or third party programmes.

On sale from 1993, each game represents a battle between wizards, known as 'planewalkers' who make use of spells, items and creatures depicted on individual magic cards to defeat their opponents.  The format has more cards and more difficult rules to comprehend than many other card games.

Players begin by shuffling and then drawing 7 cards, the content of these cards are not shared.  The two basic card types are 'spells' and 'lands'.  Lands provide the magical energy which is used as a magical fuel to cast spells.  Spells come in several varieties 'sorceries' and 'instants' have a single, one-time effect before they are discarded.  'Enchantments' and 'artifacts' are permanent and remain in play to provide a lasting magical effect.  'Creative' spells summon masters that can attack and damage an opponent.