Scrabble1Invented in 1938, the game of Lexiko was the predecessor of the modern Scrabble game, but failed to enter the market due to its complexity.

Simplifying the rules, renaming the game and acquiring promotional support of the retail giant Macy's has turned Scrabble into a global phenomenon. Today more than 150 million families across the globe own a Scrabble board.

During the game, each player draws seven lettered tiles from a pool of 100 and scores points by forming words on a 15-by-15 grid. The words are formed in a crossword fashion and have to be found in the official Scrabble Dictionary. The rules are deceptively simple, yet mastering Scrabble takes dedication and willingness to learn.

Local and international tournaments are held across the globe, often featuring significant prize pools. The Mind Sports Festivals and Mind Sports Academy Live Events feature major international Scrabble events with a substantial prize pool.