WMSF Chairperson Announced

World Champion to lead up the new independent group


Plymouth, United Kingdom: World Scrabble Champion Craig Beevers is the new chairman for the World Mind Sports Federation (WMSF).

The WMSF has been created as an independent body to set standards and to promote the practices and the positive elements that playing and being involved with Mind Sports can allow.

There are also elements of research, which sees the joining together of the World Mind Sports Federation with educational facilities researching cognitive behavioral improvements from participating in Mindsports activity. 

Beevers agreed to take on the role of Chair for the independent body to help build the relationship for Scrabble between players and the brand owners. With his guidance, companies such as Mindsports International (MSI) will receive guidance and fair input on how to help develop Scrabble in both the highly competitive sector, as well as help grow an education programme to encourage a new generation of player. 

When appointed as Chair Craig Beevers said, “I'm delighted to be accepted as chairman of the WMSF. The main aim will be to grow Scrabble from the ground up. As a non-profit organisation involving the best minds internationally we can make a real difference to how the game is perceived and received globally. With a focus on education we will showcase what Scrabble has to offer, providing the next generation the opportunity to learn, develop and enjoy the game.”

With the help of an international committee, Scrabble is expected to be adopted into the mainstream curriculum as well as see growth in terms of competitive numbers.

The committee is as follows:


Craig Beevers – Chairman and UK Education Agent


Hervé Bohbot

Amy Byrne

Francisco Guerrero

Nicky Huitson

Nick Ivanovski

Wayne Kelly 

Hector Klie

Horacio Moavro

Jesse Matthews

Philip Nelkon

Allan Simmons


Youth and Education Committee for Scrabble

Karen Richards – Head of Youth Development and Training

Conrad Bassett-Bouchard; US Education Rep

Cornelia Guest; US School Scrabble Rep and Education Agent

Jeff Martinov; US School Scrabble Rep and Education Agent

Lynne Riley; ABSP Youth Officer Rep

Australian Representatives are being confirmed


Technology and Development Committee for Scrabble

Chris Lipe – Head of Tech Development and US Agent


With the committee formed they have already started taking some first steps mainly focusing on the planning and development of engaging Scrabble in education. There have also been developments in online training tools that will soon be available on the Mindsports Academy website: www.mindsportsacademy.com

The World Mind Sports Federation is hoping to draw on the community’s support to help develop the current professional landscape as well as draw in and engage new players of all ages and abilities.

More announcements about online training tools and other offerings will follow, but for now, we’d like to congratulate Craig Beevers in his new role along with the rest of the committee. We wish them every success!

For more information on the committee, the WMSF and it’s developments, please visit the following website and social media streams:

WMSF Website: /

WMSF Public Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1613348362286276/